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Back to School: The Best Office Supplies for Schools

September 04, 2015

Forget the playground and the cafeteria. The school office is the busiest spot in a school. With visitors coming in and out, phones ringing, email notifications beeping and the steady hum of the copier, it might also be the noisiest location in the school as well.

Between school calendars, worksheets, activity flyers, and teacher communication, the amount of paperwork a school produces is staggering. The beginning of the school year in particular requires a dizzying array of welcome packets and forms.

The school office must be efficient and organized with the right office supplies and equipment in order to keep up with the volume of paperwork required by teachers and administrators. Schools need high-volume printers and copiers that have the speed and capacity to keep up with demanding printing needs.

Here are things to consider when choosing the best printers and copiers for the school office:

  1. Speed. Most schools need high-speed copiers to keep up with demand and free up time for office support staff. High-speed printers and copiers are more expensive upfront, but are less expensive to operate than slower machines.
  2. Printing needs. Consider your color printing needs and paper sizes when choosing a printer or copier. Paper-handling functions like stapling can save a significant amount of time.
  3. Volume. By checking the monthly counter reading on your existing machine and factoring in how much copy paper you go through, you can get a fairly accurate picture of how many documents you print and/or copy. Manufacturers provide a recommended monthly volume for each machine, but it’s wise to overestimate your volume needs so you aren’t pushing your machine to the max month in and month out.
  4. Cost. You need to consider print cost per page and factor in paper, ink or toner costs. Because schools produce so many documents and typically face budget constraints, a laser multifunction printer is a good choice because it provides fast, high-volume printing at very little cost per page.
  5. Document management. An MFP that offers scanning directly to email can be a huge timesaver for school staff by enabling them to share documents with administrators, parents and students with the click of a mouse. Plus, a document management system greatly reduces paper waste and makes searching for documents a breeze.

School offices have diverse printing needs and many would do well to invest in a few different types of machines. A high-volume, speedy MFP is a must, but a smaller printer that can handle higher-quality print jobs can help fill in the gaps of your school’s printing needs.

Because schools produce so much paper, there is significant opportunity to create efficiencies in the school office. A service like Pacific Office Automation’s print track and control can be invaluable, as it gives a detailed report on printing activities and provides feedback on where schools can reduce waste and cut costs.

The kids will be arriving soon. Are you ready, school staff?  Pacific Office Automation can assess your printing and copying needs and match you up with the best printers and best copiers for your school. Contact us today.

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