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6 Things to Keep in Mind for Protecting Your Online Privacy at Work

May 18, 2015

In the Internet Age, it seems that giving up personal information is inevitable. By now, most people know that their online activity is being tracked, by various advertisers, search engines, and government organizations.

Concerns over internet security and privacy have seeped into the workplace. It’s important to use the Internet wisely as to avoid a social media blunder, yet it’s also extremely important for business owners to protect sensitive customer information to avoid sanctions and fines as well as to maintain customer trust. Here are six things to consider to ensure you’re protecting your online privacy at work:

1. Be proactive. Familiarize yourself with your employer's computer usage and content policies.

2. Know what’s being tracked. Personal email accounts, instant messaging and anonymous posting can still be tracked and intercepted. Make sure you use them accordingly.

3. Take care with communication. Use a professional tone in written communication and avoid language that can be construed as obscene, menacing or defamatory.

4. Be aware of outside online tracking. Most popular Web browsers are set up to track your online activity. Though you can turn off online tracking, it can be difficult to locate. Even if you turn off tracking to protect your privacy, some tracking companies will not honor that request. Often, the "private browser" mode will only prevent other people who use your Web browser to see what you've been doing online.

5. Have a defense. Downloading extra software to your machine that will block advertisers and social networks from tracking your web activity is a way to enhance your internet privacy. There are browsers available, such as White Hat Aviator, that won't track or sell your internet activity, block trackers from marketers and social media, and offers built-in encrypted connections.

6. Strong passwords are your first line of defense against hackers. With so many online accounts requiring passwords, it's no wonder that people choose easy-to-remember passwords. The best advice on passwords is to choose something complicated and write it down in a safe place. Better yet, there are a number of password-management software programs that come up with passwords for you and store them on your hard drive in an encrypted file.

With the Internet such a prevalent part of our work and personal lives, it’s wise to take steps to avoid any blunders. When it comes to sensitive information, consumers and companies must be ever-vigilant about cyber security. For more information about how Pacific Office Automation can help your business with data securitycontact us today.

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